Sorry for the inconvenience, but the services, AVE-TORREVIEJA, and IDA Y VUELTA, are suppressed, only the service, TORREVIEJA-AVE, is operational.

Radio Taxi Torrevieja puts at your disposal its new service - Torrevieja-AVE Station- arrange a taxi with us for your transfers to the AVE Station in Alicante. For departures (Torrevieja - Estación Ave), don't hesitate! This is your service. Hire a taxi at an approximate price with the security of hiring a professional endorsed by the Torrevieja Radio Taxi Association. The best idea, a safe transport to connect Torrevieja with the Alicante AVE station.

Please consult us for our rates

Call us and request your taxi

Call us and request your taxi

+34 965 712 277

Our team will contact you immediately to arrange your trip.